Focaccias: Frothy authentic Italian dough
Gyropita: Frothy slowly fermented aromatic dough
Puff pastries, Mini Puff pastries
Voskopita: monastic pies with frothy fermented dough
Kalitsounia & Mantilakia: Authentic Cretan treats
Pizzas - Ready to serve - Pre-proofed
Fried Finger pies, an exquisite world of flavors
Striftakia: small brioches in 6 amazing flavors


Our company has been certified and applies all standards of ISO 901 and HACCP, without compromising our experience and values, as well as the love that we put into our quality products.

Summary :
- ISO 9001
The whole production process is monitored and the data concerned is recorded, from the entry of the raw materials, the manufacturing process and the output of the final product. The data collected makes possible, in addition to stabilizing the quality and respond to changes in the operation of the business, to optimize productivity and efficiency and minimize error and accident probability.

In compliance with certain procedures during the storage of raw materials, finished product and during production, along with the proper training of personnel and the use of approved equipment and consumables, the risk of deterioration of the products is minimized. This is achieved by the discerning signs in the production area and production process where the probability of deterioration of the product is increased and therefore appropriate interventions are possible and risk is minimized.